Social Facade

Here is where I summarise significant Singapore social issues, some of which are covered elsewhere on this website, to construct a Singapore's facade from a social perspective. The list will be updated from time to time.

  1. Civil Rights
    1. Why doesn't Singapore sign an international treaty respecting civil rights unlike most other developed countries?
      1. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
  2. Freedom of Information
    1. Are public systems in Singapore sufficiently transparent?
      1. The AIM Town Council Saga
    2. How trustworthy is the mainstream media in Singapore?
      1. The Freedom of Press
      2. The Wikileaks Revelation of Singapore
  3. Legal System
    1. Are the police force dependable and trustworthy?
      1. The Treatment of Lynn Lee
    2. Does Singapore allow international crime within its borders?
      1. The Pursuit of Dan Tan Seet Eng
      2. The Death of Shane Todd
  4. Economy
    1. Are the economic policies based on sound fundamentals and solid analysis?
      1. The Claim that Sarawak Dirty Money is Hidden in Singapore
      2. The Argument that Economic Growth Requires Population Increase
  5. Population and Demographics
    1. How will the population change in the near future?
      1. The Population White Paper
      2. The 16 February 2013 Public Protest 
    2. Are people in Singapore happy?
      1. The Claim by ESI that Singaporeans are the Happiest People in Asia (Online)

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