Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Claim by ESI that Singaporeans are the Happiest People in Asia (Online)

Calvin Chu Yee Ming, a partner at Eden Strategy Institute. "He has advised over a hundred Fortune 500 clients in more than 20 countries" [ESI]


Eden Strategy Institute (ESI) made headlines by claiming that Singaporeans are Asia's happiest people online.


Eden Strategy Institute

"Singaporeans are Asia’s happiest people online"

Today Online

"Contrary to perception — backed up by a Gallup poll last year that claimed the fewest number of adults here experienced positive emotions — a survey based on what people are saying on social media claims that Singaporeans are among Asia’s happiest people."

Jentrified Citizen

"Eden Strategy Institute (ESI) made a flawed claim that Singaporeans are the Happiest in Asia using a survey based on what people are saying on social media."
"Essentially, this survey was done without interviewing anyone for their views on whether they are happy or unhappy."

The Heart Truths

A rather comprehensive rebutal
"When I first saw the article, ‘Singaporeans among Asia’s happiest, says social media survey’ in the Today newspaper, I did not know which part of the article to pick on, because every part could be easily refuted."
"only 5 countries were surveyed in this index and they are all in the South and Southeast Asian region."
"Eden Strategy Institute is actually based in Singapore"


I think this survey result will make people even angrier than they already are. They will probably be even more vocal to voice out their dissatisfaction fearing that their grievances have not been heard.
I now also have much less respect for ESI and the associated people due to this very dubious Happiness Index Score. This issue does not reflect very well on the abilities of Singapore companies.

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