Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Wikileaks Revelation of Singapore

Thanks to Wikileaks, we know what the diplomats were thinking


"The United States diplomatic cables leak, widely known as Cablegate, began in February 2010 when WikiLeaks—a non-profit organization that publishes submissions from anonymous whistleblowers—began releasing classified cables that had been sent to the U.S. State Department by 274 of its consulates, embassies, and diplomatic missions around the world." [Wikipedia]


Wikileaks: Singapore Embassy

Original Wikileaks cables

Diary of Singaporean Mind

Summary of interesting facts about Singapore from Wikileaks. "Deliberate lack of transparency in Temasek Holdings", "Govt does not want more Singaporeans to have degrees", "Lack of independence of Singapore judiciary in political cases", "Sustainablility of Singapore economic model", "Singapore's uncaring elite", "Frustration among Singapore journalists over govt control"


The content of the cables indicate that the 'internal' policies can be different than 'external' policies which are known to the public. The cables also suggest that public perception is affected by the lack of information available to the masses.

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