Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The AIM Town Council Saga

Issue broke after Aljunied-Hougang GRC was taken over by Workers Party


"Ms Lim also asked earlier why the 14 PAP town councils, which had developed the system, had transferred the ownership to AIM, a third party. In fact, it was revealed by Ms Lim that the system was sold to AIM in Jan 2011 and the TCs would then lease back from AIM which was registered as a $2 company"..."AIM offered to buy the software for $140,000 and manage the system for a monthly fee of $785 per TC or $10,990 for the 14 PAP TCs:" [TRE]


Yahoo! News Singapore

"Which party wanted to terminate AIM contract first?"

The Real Singapore

"Interesting History of AIM Pte Ltd"

TR Emeritus

"Hence, in the current 5-year Govt term till 2016, AIM would stand to make $10,990 x 60 months = $659,400. It’s not bad for a $140,000 initial investment, giving a return of 371%!"


Questions are being asked about transparency in Singapore. Businesses will also worry about the perceived disadvantage in finding business opportunities while competing with companies such as AIM.

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