Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Freedom of Press

A group of Singaporean independent activists held a demonstration outside the Singapore Press Holdings’ News Centre building on May 3 2008 via TOC.


"2012 Freedom of the Press report"..."classified Singapore’s level of press freedom as 'Not Free'”. [TRE]


The Guardian

"The media is largely state-owned. Defamation and contempt laws threaten dissent."

Yahoo! News Singapore

"WikiLeaks: Significant gov’t pressure put on ST editors"

TR Emeritus

"At 149, Singapore’s ranking is worse than countries like Cambodia (143), Congo (142), Ethiopia (137), Zimbabwe (133), Libya (131), Angola (130), Algeria (125)."


I pity the journalists working at SPH having to work under such strict control. It is also very difficult for SPH to regain the trust and credibility lost which causes it to lose some readers.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment.

  2. Addendum:

    Singapore to regulate Yahoo, other online news sites