Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Pursuit of Dan Tan Seet Eng

One of only two circulated photos of Dan Tan via TNP


Dan Tan was accused of "fixing hundreds of football matches around the world." [BBC] "Dan Tan is still free somewhere in Singapore," [BBC]



"The New Paper obtained the latest edition of the Cremona investigation papers, which chronicle Tan’s alleged involvement in the rigging of 33 matches in Italy’s top two leagues, Serie A and Serie B, over the last two years."


"Neither the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Singaporean police or the country's anti-corruption agency would speak to me about match-fixing."
"The head of Interpol yesterday urged Singapore to move against one of its citizens who is considered to be a key suspect in global football match-rigging, after one of his alleged associates was arrested in Italy."


This is another challenge for the legal system, specifically the police to be seen as upholding justice and not condoning criminals.

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