Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Death of Shane Todd

Shane Todd in Singapore via Financial Times


Shane Todd was an American engineer who worked at IME, Singapore. He was found dead but his family was not satisfied with the investigation handled by the Singapore police.


Financial Times

“Are you saying the Singapore police are corrupt?” ... "[Shane's father] said he wasn’t accusing the police of corruption; he was accusing them of mishandling the investigation."

New York Times

"The real reason for his death? Their son may have known too much about plans for a research project apparently involving the Institute of Microelectronics, a Singapore government research agency where he worked, and Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, to co-develop a device powered by gallium nitride, they believe."


Video of news. "CNN's Miguel Marquez looks at the possibility that Shane Todd was murdered."

Shane Todd Justice Petition

Facebook page with updates on the case


This story serves as a cautionary tale to people who work in sensitive industries. It is also a test for the Singapore legal system, specifically the police.

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